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Monte Dourado, Brazil

Monte Dourado is a city in the Almeirim district of Brazil.

Monte Dourado is 73 kilometres from Almeirim, a city on the Amazon River. Almeirim is the northernmost municipality in the Brazilian state of Pará, on the border with the State of Amapá and separated only by the Rio Jari Jari Amapá city of Orangery. Almeirim district, which is crossed by the Equator is also the fourth largest municipality in the State of Para and the eighth largest in Brazil (by area).

The Jari project was an attempt in 1967 to create a tropical tree farm in Brazil for producing pulp for paper. It was the brainchild of US entrepreneur and billionaire Daniel K. Ludwig. who noticed in the 1950s that demand for paper was rising. Since the forests of the temperate zone were already in use, the supply of the wood pulp for paper was fixed. Ludwig foresaw a future increase in the price of paper due to the increase of mass media. Since most of the natural forest timber was not suitable for paper production, Ludwig planned a site where the natural forest would be replaced by a tree farm. It would have to be started decades ahead to supply the future paper production. Ludwig decided to settle on the lower reaches of the Rio Jari, a tributary of the Amazon River and for a while Monte Dourado boomed.

Problems over time began to increase due to so-called Amazon Factor - the combined effects of soil, insects, humidity and tropical disease. Workers contracted malaria. Insects devoured the harvest and supplies. Brazilian government officials began to criticize Ludwig's methods, the extent of his land ownership and they questioned the project's exemption from taxes. Ludwig gave up in May 1981 and turned the Jari project over to a consortium of Brazilian businessmen. Today, ownership of the remains of the Jari Project is in the hand of Brazilian banks and holding companies in the form of an industrial complex called the Jarcel Cellulose company. In 2014 it began to produce dissolving pulp, with product application possibilities in various segments.

Monte Dourado has the Serra do Areão Airport which serves the population residing and working for the Jari project.

The Equator runs through Ecuador and northern Brazil so much of the continent is tropical and has an extended wet season. The dry season is from October to June, hence cruises to the Amazon run from October to February.

General Information:

Population: 33 562 (2013)
Language: Portuguese
Currency: Brazilian Real

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